Interproximate curve subdivision

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This paper presents a new curve subdivision algorithm called interproximate subdivision for generating curves that interpolate some given vertices and approximate the other vertices. By the interproximate subdivision, only the vertices specified to be interpolated are fixed and the other vertices are updated at each refinement step. The refinement rules are derived to ensure that the eigenvalues of the refinement matrix satisfy the necessary condition of C2 continuity. The interproximate subdivision also contains tension parameters assigned to vertices or edges for shape adjustment. Compared to the 4-point interpolatory subdivision scheme, the interproximate subdivision does not force the new inserted vertices to be interpolated and is thus expected to have improved behavior; and compared to the cubic B-spline refinement scheme, the interproximate subdivision is able to generate curves interpolating user-specified vertices. In addition, the paper also presents two extensions of the interproximate subdivision: one automatically adapts the tension parameters locally according to the geometry of the control polygon during the refinement to achieve convexity preservation and the other automatically relaxes the interpolating property of some vertices to achieve better shape behavior. © 2012 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

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Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics

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