Hierarchical T-splines: Analysis-suitability, Bézier extraction, and application as an adaptive basis for isogeometric analysis

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In this paper hierarchical analysis-suitable T-splines (HASTS) are developed. The resulting spaces are a superset of both analysis-suitable T-splines and hierarchical B-splines. The additional flexibility provided by the hierarchy of T-spline spaces results in simple, highly localized refinement algorithms which can be utilized in a design or analysis context. A detailed theoretical formulation is presented. Bézier extraction is extended to HASTS simplifying the implementation of HASTS in existing finite element codes. The behavior of a simple HASTS refinement algorithm is compared to the local refinement algorithm for analysis-suitable T-splines demonstrating the superior efficiency and locality of the HASTS algorithm. Finally, HASTS are utilized as a basis for adaptive isogeometric analysis.

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Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering

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