A Discriminative Multi-Channel Facial Shape (MCFS) Representation and Feature Extraction for 3D Human Faces

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Building an effective representation for 3D face geometry is essential for face analysis tasks, that is, landmark detection, face recognition and reconstruction. This paper proposes to use a Multi-Channel Facial Shape (MCFS) representation that consists of depth, hand-engineered feature and attention maps to construct a 3D facial descriptor. And, a multi-channel adjustment mechanism, named filtered squeeze and reversed excitation (FSRE), is proposed to re-organize MCFS data. To assign a suitable weight for each channel, FSRE is able to learn the importance of each layer automatically in the training phase. MCFS and FSRE blocks collaborate together effectively to build a robust 3D facial shape representation, which has an excellent discriminative ability. Extensive experimental results, testing on both high-resolution and low-resolution face datasets, show that facial features extracted by our framework outperform existing methods. This representation is stable against occlusions, data corruptions, expressions and pose variations. Also, unlike traditional methods of 3D face feature extraction, which always take minutes to create 3D features, our system can run in real time.

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Computer Graphics Forum

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