3D Multi-Object Tracking in Point Clouds Based on Prediction Confidence-Guided Data Association

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This paper proposes a new 3D multi-object tracker to more robustly track objects that are temporarily missed by detectors. Our tracker can better leverage object features for 3D Multi-Object Tracking (MOT) in point clouds. The proposed tracker is based on a novel data association scheme guided by prediction confidence, and it consists of two key parts. First, we design a new predictor that employs a constant acceleration (CA) motion model to estimate future positions, and outputs a prediction confidence to guide data association through increased awareness of detection quality. Second, we introduce a new aggregated pairwise cost to exploit features of objects in point clouds for faster and more accurate data association. The proposed cost consists of geometry, appearance and motion components. Specifically, we formulate the geometry cost using resolutions (lengths, widths and heights), centroids, and orientations of 3D bounding boxes (BBs), the appearance cost using appearance features from the deep learning-based detector backbone network, and the motion cost by associating different motion vectors. Extensive multi-object tracking experiments on the KITTI tracking benchmark demonstrated that our method outperforms, by a large margin, the state-of-the-art methods in both tracking accuracy and speed.

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IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems

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