System of systems based security-constrained unit commitment incorporating active distribution grids

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In restructured power systems, the transmission and distribution grids are autonomously utilized by independent system operator (ISO) and distribution companies (DISCOs), respectively. As the operating condition of one grid influences the decisions made by operators of other grids, the ISO and DISCOs should collaborate and cooperate with each other in order to operate the entire power system in a secure and economic manner. According to the concept of system of systems (SoS) engineering, this paper presents a decentralized decision-making framework to determine a secure and economical hourly generation schedule for a transmission system encompassing numbers of active distribution grids. Taking into consideration the physical connections and shared information between ISO and DISCOs, an SoS-based SCUC framework is designed and a hierarchical optimization algorithm is presented to find optimal operating points of all independent systems in the SoS-based power system architecture. The numerical results show the effectiveness of the proposed SoS framework and solution methodology. © 1969-2012 IEEE.

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IEEE Transactions on Power Systems

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