Comprehensive power transfer distribution factor model for large-scale transmission expansion planning

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Transmission expansion planning (TEP) is an important and computationally expensive decision-making process in power systems. Expression of the power flows using power transfer distribution factors (PTDFs) could potentially reduce the size and computational cost of the TEP. However, this formulation does not lend itself easily for this problem as the system topology changes in the course of the optimisation procedure. This study presents a PTDF-based TEP model devoid of voltage angles and nodal power balances, while producing the same solution as angle-based TEP models. The proposed model is capable of monitoring a limited number of transmission lines that have significant impact on the system's reliable and optimal operation. It thus considerably reduces the number of constraints and results in a scalable optimisation problem. The proposed model is highly advantageous especially for the TEP of large-scale power systems. The numerical results provide an indication for the effectiveness of the proposed model.

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IET Generation, Transmission and Distribution

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