Comments on “apparent power ‐ a misleading quantity in the non‐sinusoidal power theory: are all non‐sinusoidal power theories doomed to fail?”


L. S. Czarnecki

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Letter to the Editor

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It is shown in this comment that recent development in the power theory of systems with non‐sinusoidal waveforms contradicts the conclusions presented in the paper “Apparent Power ‐ a Misleading Quantity in the Non‐Sinusoidal Power Theory: Are all Non‐Sinusoidal Power Theories Doomed to Fail? “ published by P. S. Filipski in ETEP 3(1993), no. J,pp. 21‐26. That paper deforms the history of the power theory development and its present state. Moreover, the notion of ‘power theory’ should not be associated with a particular power equation, but be comprehended as a knowledge base on power properties of electric circuits, revealed with various approaches. The comment discusses also the notion of ‘apparentpower’ as a conventional quantity. Copyright © 1994 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

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European Transactions on Electrical Power

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