Circuits with semi-periodic currents: Main features and power properties

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The active, reactive, scattered and unbalanced currents and powers, the RMS value and harmonic components are defined only for periodic quantities. Unfortunately, non-periodic variation of load parameters or their periodic variation but with a frequency different than the frequency of the voltage produced by power generators, causes non-periodic currents. Such non-periodic currents, however, are often much lower than periodic components and consequently, the entire current can be considered as semi-periodic. The notion of semi-periodic voltage has similar meaning. This paper discusses the main properties of semi-periodic currents, it provides their classification and introduces a concept of primary, secondary, coperiodic, non-coperiodic components as well as the concept of interharmonic noise and quasi-harmonics. The paper investigates how circuits with semi-periodic voltages and currents could be described in power terms.

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European Transactions on Electrical Power

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