An inkjet-printed non-enzymatic hydrogen peroxide sensor on paper

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This paper reports a novel disposable non-enzymatic hydrogen peroxide sensor fabricated using an inkjet printing method on paper. An electrochemical cell based on carbon nanotubes was patterned and printed on a paper substrate. Silver nanoparticles have been used as the catalyst for electrochemical reduction of H2O2. Moreover, a handheld multichannel potentiostat was developed in order to on-site determination of hydrogen peroxide. The device was characterized by performing simultaneous cyclic voltammetry measurements utilizing separate working electrodes at various scan rates. Using the presented system, we successfully measured the hydrogen peroxide concentration in an alkaline solution with the linear range of 1 μM–700 μM. Incorporating the paper-based enzyme-free sensor and portable readout system will result in accurate, reliable, cost effective, and on-site measurement of hydrogen peroxide in concentration as low as 1 μM.

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Journal of the Electrochemical Society

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