CPC – Based reactive balancing of linear loads in four-wire supply systems with nonsinusoidal voltage

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The paper provides the Currents’ Physical Components (CPC)-based fundamentals for reactive balancing of unbalanced loads supplied by a nonsinusoidal voltage in four-wire systems, meaning with a neutral conductor. The whole compensation of the unbalanced and reactive currents in such conditions requires reactive compensators of high complexity, i.e., built of a high number of reactive devices. This complexity can be reduced on the condition that the objective of a whole compensation is abandoned for a goal of only minimization of the supply current three-phase rms value. The paper presents a method of minimization of this three-phase rms value of the supply current by a compensator composed of branches, that have no more than two reactive devices, meaning an inductor and a capacitor.

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Przeglad Elektrotechniczny

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