Model reference control with 3-1, loop shaping

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Model reference control (MRC) has been used extensively in adaptive control. However, due to the lack of stability guarantees in presence of model uncertainties, robustness of adaptive control based on MRC is not ensured. This paper considers MRC from a different perspective. Reference model is used to represent the frequency shape of the ideal sensitivity function. The control objective is to design a feedback controller such that it achieves the desired frequency shape specified by the reference model within a prescribed tolerance in 31, norm. This leads to the H, ‘loopshaping for MRC. It is shown that the resulting 31, controller has an observer structure as in LQG/LTR case [14].An efficient algorithm is developed for solving the required 31- controller. The results reported in this paper enhance the robustness for MRC.

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Proceedings of the 27th Southeastern Symposium on System Theory, SSST 1995

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