Computation of simple and group factors of multivariate polynomials

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This paper generalizes a recent result on simple factorization of 2-variable (2-v) polynomials to simple and group factorization of n-variate (n-v), (n ≥ 3) polynomials. The emphasis is on developing a reliable numerical technique for factorization. It is shown that simple as well as group factorization can be achieved by performing singular value decomposition (SVD) on certain matrices obtained from the coefficients of the given n-v polynomial expressed in a Kronecker product form. For the polynomials that do not have "exact" simple and/or group factors, the concepts of approximate simple and group factorization are developed. The use of SVD leads to an elegant solution of an approximate factorization problem. Several nontrivial examples are included to illustrate the results presented in this paper.

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Circuits, Systems, and Signal Processing

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