Design of multichannel QMF banks via frequency-domain optimizations

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Design of uniform multirate filter banks is studied via frequency domain optimizations. Efficient and reliable design algorithms are developed using state-space computations. In our approach, analysis filter banks are designed to achieve frequency-domain specifications dictated by subband coding requirements, and synthesis filter banks are designed to minimize the reconstruction error in frequency domain under the constraint of zero-aliasing error. The design criterion is chosen to be the H∞ or Chebyshev norm. A state-space solution is derived for H∞ optimization, and numerical algorithms are developed to obtain the optimal-synthesis filter bank. Moreover, the asymptotic perfect reconstruction property (in the sense that time-delay approaches to infinity) is established for the optimal H∞ solution of the synthesis filter bank. The results in this paper generalize our earlier work for the two-channel case to the M-channel case.

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IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems II: Analog and Digital Signal Processing

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