Output feedback stabilizing control with instantaneous quantization error for discrete-time systems over quantized fading channels

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This paper deals with the problem of output feedback quadratic mean square stabilization for single-input-single-output discrete-time networked control systems subject to both quantization error and stochastic fading. A relative-formed logarithmic quantizer is adopted and the stochastic fading is characterized as a multiplicative random noise. Assuming that the instantaneous quantization error is accessible, an observer-based output feedback controller is derived by solving two algebraic Riccati equations, together with an inequality involving Mahler measure of the plant. It is shown that stabilizability through a quantized fading actuating channel by output feedback is closely related to both Mahler measure of the plant and the uncertainties generated by the communication channel. © 2013 TCCT, CAA.

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Chinese Control Conference, CCC

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