Model Predictive Direct Power Control of Three-Phase Grid-Connected Converters with Fuzzy-Based Duty Cycle Modulation

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An improved model predictive direct power control (MPDPC) for three-phase grid-connected converters is proposed. In the proposed method, two voltage vectors are applied during a control period and their duty cycles are determined by a fuzzy logic-based modulator. The inputs to the modulator are the active and reactive power errors and the output is the duty cycle of the first (main) voltage vector. The fuzzy rules are developed based on expert knowledge and the fact that small/large power errors can be compensated by applying the main voltage vector for a small/large portion of the switching period. The candidate voltage vector pairs are examined on a control Lyapunov function and the pair that satisfy the closed-loop stability criteria are selected. The voltage vector pairs are then applied following a proposed switching pattern through which reduced average switching frequency is achieved. Comparative simulation and hardware-in-the-loop studies between the proposed method and a most recently introduced duty cycle-based MPDPC confirm that in addition to lower average switching frequency, better quality currents and active and reactive powers can be achieved under the proposed MPDPC.

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IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications

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