Analytical Approach to Calculate Inductor Current Ripple Cancellation in Two-Phase Interleaved Single-phase Inverter

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Single-phase inverters have very wide range of applications such grid-tied inverter to inject any absorbed solar energy into power grid in residential areas. This paper presents closed-form equations to analytically calculate the required inductance of an LC filter in a single-phase full-bridge inverter controlled with unipolar switching pattern. According to the derived equations, required inductance value of LC filter varies with the modulation index value. Furthermore, the derived equations show that the maximum peak-to-peak ripple of the inductor current happens at angle which depends on the modulation index value. In addition, this paper provides an analytical approach to calculate current ripple cancellation in two-phase interleaved single-phase inverter. Real-time experimental results obtained from OPAL-RT for two cases of modulation index M=0.4 and M =0.8 are provided to confirm derived closed-form equations.

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Conference Proceedings - IEEE Applied Power Electronics Conference and Exposition - APEC

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