Measurement of the GaAs/AlAs valence-band offset from a single quantum well near the Γ-X crossover

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An iterative procedure which utilizes the type-I and type-II transitions of a GaAs/AlAs single quantum well is used to determine the GaAs/AlAs valence-band offset. The iteration is based on the fact that the confinement energy is not sensitive to the change of the barrier potential. It has the advantage that knowledge of the thickness of the quantum well is not necessary to determine the valence-band offset. Both the type-I and type-II transitions can be observed in the low-temperature photoluminescence spectrum if the GaAs is thin enough so that the lowest-energy level of the electron in the GaAs well is higher than the X-conduction-band minimum of the adjacent AlAs. We illustrate this procedure with a 35 Å GaAs/AlAs single quantum well, and the valence-band offset is found to be 36% of the Γ-gap difference. © 1995 American Institute of Physics.

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Journal of Applied Physics

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