Nanodevices: Fabrication, prospects for low dimensional devices and applications

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In the nano-realm, the line between where a 'structure' ends and a 'device' begins can at times be a thin one. More often than not, device characteristics may serve as the deciding boundary, albeit with the expected arguable interdisciplinary definitional differences. Nevertheless, taking its cues from the monumental breakthroughs in terms of devices and circuits, as these have come to be defined in the field of microelectronics, this chapter provides a look into the progress toward this same level of 3D functionality for nanoscale electronic devices. Beginning with a brief overview of the historical steps that have led to modern-day nanodevice technology to select milestones illustrative of device operation, the narrative to follow is designed to offer a template for and a guide toward a more detailed study into this quite extensive topic. However, with allowance for a certain degree of author's choice as to the devices themselves, this chapter pays homage to key discoveries in the field - of both device components and the equipment used to create or characterize them - while describing some of the structures that have come to be state-of-the-art illustrations of nanodevices in this wideranging, dynamic, and continually evolving field. © 2014 Woodhead Publishing Limited All rights reserved.

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Nanolithography: The Art of Fabricating Nanoelectronic and Nanophotonic Devices and Systems

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