Classification of wireless adhoc networks through misbehavior analysis

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We consider the problem of classifying wireless adhoc networks through active injection of waveforms. We look at energy-efficient wireless networks following power control multiple access schemes and consider two types of classification. Class 1 network nodes optimize their own energy consumption and the network can be modeled as a non-cooperative game operating at Nash equilibrium power values. Class 2 network nodes cooperate to minimize joint energy consumption. Once a network has been classified appropriately, it becomes easier to understand its vulnerabilities. We examine the vulnerability of both classes of networks by formulating a model for energy misbehavior by waveform injection by misbehaving nodes. Misbehaving nodes optimally increase interference at good nodes to decrease their own energy consumption while increasing energy consumption at good nodes.

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2006 International Waveform Diversity and Design Conference, WDD 2006 - Proceedings

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