HQuad: Statistics of Hamiltonian Cycles in Wireless Rechargeable Sensor Networks

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The rise of wireless rechargeable sensor networks calls for an analytical study of planned charging trips of wireless charging vehicles (WCVs). Often times, the WCV receives a number of charging requests and form a Hamiltonian cycle and visit these nodes one-by-one. Therefore, it is important to learn the statistics of such cycles. In this work, we use a heuristic algorithm, which we term HQuad, that takes O(N) to generate a Hamiltonian cycle in a 2-D network plane before we analyze its statistics. HQuad is based on a recursive approximation of dividing the region into four quadrants and the non-empty quadrants will be visited one-by-one. Our analysis is based on Poisson point distribution of nodes and models such Hamiltonian cycles surprisingly well in both expected values and the distribution functions of lengths as a function of different network parameters. Numerical results of our analysis model are compared with simulations and demonstrated to be accurate.

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2018 25th International Conference on Telecommunications, ICT 2018

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