Anisotropic 2D SiAs for High-Performance UV–Visible Photodetectors

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Recently, extensive efforts have been directed at finding novel 2D-layered structures with anisotropic crystal structures. Herein, the in-plane anisotropic optical and (photo)electrical properties of 2D SiAs nanosheets synthesized using a solid-state reaction and subsequent mechanical exfoliation are reported. The angle-resolved polarized Raman spectrum shows high in-plane anisotropy of the phonon vibration modes, which are consistent with the theoretical prediction. Field-effect transistor devices fabricated using the SiAs nanosheets demonstrate significant anisotropy in the hole mobility with an anisotropic ratio as high as 5.5. Photodetectors fabricated with single SiAs nanosheet exhibit high sensitivity in the UV–visible region, and the anisotropic ratio of the photocurrent reaches 5.3 at 514.5 nm and 2.3 at 325 nm. This work lays the foundation for future research in anisotropic 2D materials.

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