Disposable smart microfluidic-based biochips for clinical diagnostics

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An innovative, fully integrated, plastic microfluidic chip has been developed for the dual applications of a fully stand-alone biochip. The ultimate goal of this work is to develop a wrist watch-type analyzer using a disposable smart plastic chip cartridge, which possesses state-of-the-art, structurally programmable, reconfigurable and multiple analysis capabilities. The portable point care laboratory instrument is based on a low-cost disposable microfluidic biochip. Specifically, a wrist watch-type analyzer that will overcome the deficiencies of conventional automated instruments in terms of cost, mobility of the equipment, and turn-around time of the test report, which is very critical for emergency patient care such as monitoring of a warfighter's medical condition. The wrist watch-type, point-care device will not only monitor the biochemical changes but also establish the individual patient's baseline data or normal ranges which are much more sensitive than general population based normal ranges in determining the biochemical changes of an individual patient.

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2001 International Semiconductor Device Research Symposium, ISDRS 2001 - Proceedings

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