Disposable air-bursting detonators as an alternative on-chip power source

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A new concept of disposable air-bursting detonator as an alternative on-chip power source has been proposed, designed, and successfully demonstrated in this paper for disposable lab-on-a-chips or biochips. In this new disposable air-bursting detonator, a microheater is positioned on the thermoplastic membrane attached over a pressurized chamber. By applying an electrical pulse into the microheater, the thermoplastic membrane can be broken and then the pressurized air will be detonated to drive liquid samples through microchannels. Both air pressure and detonating temperature are adjustable to get desired driving pressure responses. Dynamic pressure response of the fabricated air-bursting detonator has been simulated and experimentally characterized. Due to its compact structure and fast response, this detonator will be a promising alternative power source to drive fluid samples in disposable lab-on-a-chips or portable clinical diagnostic kits.

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Proceedings of the IEEE Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS)

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