Evaluation of self-healing concrete with microencapsulated calcium nitrate

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The main objective of this study was to evaluate calcium nitrate tetrahydrate as a healing agent and its efficiency in concrete materials. This investigation focused on improving the mechanical properties of microcapsule-containing concrete by both altering the microencapsulation procedure and modifying the concrete mix design. Results showed that both the introduction of the newly developed microcapsules and a defoamer in the mix design were key in minimizing the air content of microcapsule-containing concrete, and thus resulted in improved mechanical properties comparable to the control groups. The differences in the virgin modulus of elasticity values between the control groups and the microcapsule-containing specimens were minimal. However, microcapsule-containing specimens at the lowest concentrations were significantly less affected by damage cycles than the control specimen groups. In addition, several microcapsule-containing specimens showed significant healing potential with respect to compressive strengths and modulus of elasticity after damage, surpassing the control specimens. Based on these results, the optimum microcapsule concentration lies between 0.25 and 0.50% by weight of cement for axial compressive loads.

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Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering

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