Effects of surface texture and its mineral composition on interfacial behavior between asphalt binder and coarse aggregate

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The interfacial behavior between asphalt binder and mineral aggregate could directly affect water infiltration and durability of asphalt mixtures. The properties of aggregate, especially the mineral composition and surface texture (ST) characteristics, have a significant impact on the interfacial performance between asphalt and aggregate. In this study, the texture characteristics of aggregates with different lithology (granite, limestone and tuff) were obtained by aggregate image measurement system (AIMS), and the mineral composition of aggregates was determined using X-ray diffraction (XRD). Based on the pull-off test combined with the water immersion method, the effects of aggregate mineral properties, water immersion and its interaction time on interfacial behavior between asphalt and aggregate, were quantitatively analyzed. Furthermore, molecular dynamics models with different mineral compositions and water film thickness were utilized to analyze interfacial behaviors. Results showed that the acid-base analysis method might not serve as an accurate assessment of the aggregate and asphalt interface properties. In addition, the sensitivity analysis of tensile strength (TS) and ST was an effective tool for the control test, and the range obtained was the variation of 0.1 MPa TS within the range of eight ST value with 95% confidence level, which can be adopted for the parallel test of real aggregates with large texture differences. Results also showed that the interface strength of granite was highly affected by the increase in immersion time. In addition, the molecular dynamics model calculation results showed that the electrostatic adsorption capacity of albite with {1 0 0} surface was much stronger than {0 0 1} section. The Wmwa (adhesion work considering water film) index can effectively characterize the attenuation of adhesion ability, and the electrostatic adsorption of albite model was greatly affected by water immersion.

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Construction and Building Materials

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