Advantageous construction techniques for ECC overlays

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Engineered cementitious composites (ECC) are advanced construction materials capable of extending the useable life of asphalt pavement roadways. First introduced in the 1990s, ECC required costly fibers and micro silica for the design mix as well as high volumes of cement. The price per cubic yard of ECC far exceeded the cost of typical Portland cement concrete (PCC) for overlay projects. While research has been conducted to reduce material costs, ECC still remains more expensive than PCC. This research extends beyond the material costs to study innovative construction techniques for ECC that could result in cost savings. Conventional concrete mixing plant procedures and contractor placement, finishing, and curing procedure variations for the ECC material are studied through a case study. Preliminary findings indicate ECC construction and labor costs should be less than the equivalent PCC ultra-thin white topping. Construction costs for a newly designed ECC material are determined and analyzed from actual construction methods.

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Tran-SET 2020 - Proceedings of the Tran-SET Conference 2020

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