Distance education with Internet2 audio/video technology

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The construction industry has changed enormously over the last 20 years and so have the tools used to manage the delivery of today's construction projects. Students, as well as current industry professionals, are finding it necessary to master these new processes, particularly those that affect communication and the handling of information, or they will be left behind. Creating new courses and continuing education classes that address this issue is a major concern. Designing courses that fit today's busy schedules and allow students to attend classes in non-traditional ways is a primary challenge for construction educators. The curricula of university programs must be adjusted to meet these changing needs. New tools are now available to help make these changes possible. Simple, fast and portable technologies can now be used to economically implement audio/visual connections between remote sites. These technologies allow distance learning to be an integral part of the solution and to meet the current needs of the industry.

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International Journal of Construction Education and Research

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