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A web-based 3D game project was presented in this paper to demonstrate the process of using building information modeling (BIM) to create an interactive 3D on-line 'Green' training environment. The system architecture, the implementation process and major components of this virtual training environment were discussed. Existing studies on BIM-based collaborations mainly focused on local-file-sharing approach using proprietary applications. Limited research focused on using BIM as an online gaming platform to create a web browser-based interactive 3D virtual environment for collaboration, learning and/or training. The gap was partially caused by the lack of understanding how to implement a BIM-based game in web browser environment. In this paper, the authors provided an implementation example using a hospital BIM model to create an interactive web-based 3D BIM game environment to allow users to visualize and interact with the BIM components using regular web browsers. The intention of this project is to create a proprietary-independent training environment to conduct energy re-commissioning trainings for hospital facility management staff. This virtual BIM environment can potentially be customized for engineering student learning and project collaborations as well. The conclusion was that current BIM and game technology are mature enough to allow us to create serious web-based interactive learning/training virtual environment. The successful integration of BIM and web browsers paved the way for many learning and training applications, which need built-environment as context. © 2012 ASCE.

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Construction Research Congress 2012: Construction Challenges in a Flat World, Proceedings of the 2012 Construction Research Congress

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