Sensitivity analysis of attic radiant barrier performance to climate and local environmental variables in the United States

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The objective of this study is to assess the sensitivity of attic radiant barrier performance to different climate parameters such as ambient air temperature, solar radiation, relative humidity, and wind speed. In order to achieve this objective, the benefits of attic radiant barrier were quantified by employing a validated estimating tool under different climatic conditions in the United States. The percentage reduction in ceiling heat flux and its potential economic savings due to the application of radiant barrier insulation system was calculated in 50 cities in each state of the U.S. Results showed that the reductions in heat transfer attributed to radiant barrier insulation materials are very sensitive to the local climate conditions. It was concluded that among the climate parameters, ambient air temperature, humidity, and latitude had the greatest effects on the required ceiling heating-cooling load in residential buildings.

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ISEC 2013 - 7th International Structural Engineering and Construction Conference: New Developments in Structural Engineering and Construction

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