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In this paper, experimental investigations of a large-scale (1:50) high-rise building model are performed at a high Reynolds number (~21 million), to evaluate the wind loads and the corresponding structural responses. A total of 256 pressure taps are mapped on all sides of the building model, to determine dimensionless pressure coefficients on the surfaces. Wind loads at each floor are evaluated using the pressure integration technique. The dynamic properties of the full-scale building are obtained from a finite element model in ANSYS. The wind-induced responses are calculated by applying wind loads on an equivalent lumped mass model of the building derived from the finite element model. Excessive vibration occurred in the cross-wind direction that exceeds the serviceability requirements. To attenuate these vibrations, a pendulum pounding tuned mass damper (PTMD) based on Hertz contact law is proposed.

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6th American Association for Wind Engineering Workshop, Clemson University, Clemson, SC, USA