Temporal scale-induced uncertainty in load duration curves for instream-dissolved oxygen

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Load duration curves were developed using the Hydrological Simulation Program FORTRAN (HSPF) for dissolved oxygen (DO) for the Amite River in Louisiana, USA. The concept of 'dissolved oxygen reserve', defined as the total quantity of DO, is introduced. The effect of temporal resolution on duration curves of DO reserve was examined using duration curves developed based on daily, weekly, biweekly, and monthly average data. Duration curves for DO exhibited high variability in the load estimated using daily data as compared to those based on biweekly and monthly data. A seasonal analysis revealed the trend in the DO reserve. The daily DO reserve for the Amite River at Port Vincent was 44,049.31 kg when daily summer data were used and 74,255.15 kg for daily annual data. A surplus of 10,691 kg of DO reserve was shown in the monthly data during critical summer months. The coefficient of variation (CV), used to define the temporal scale-induced uncertainty, was found to be linearly and inversely correlated with the logarithm of the time scale. Regression equations were developed to extrapolate near real-time flow and water quality data, greatly simplifying flow and water quality monitoring and reducing the cost involved in flow and water quality monitoring.

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Environmental monitoring and assessment

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