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During the construction and repair of bridges, work platforms or construction-related containment may result in restricted vertical clearances at a work location. Some tractor-trailer combinations are prone to over-height collisions at these locations. Collisions are a hazard to all drivers, and repair of the damage typically causes traffic delays. Appropriate solutions to this problem will focus on the prevention of collisions by detecting over-height vehicles and directing the drivers to take an alternate safe route. This presentation addresses the design and functionality of smart detection/alert systems that can be set up well in advance of a known vertical clearance restriction to detect over-height vehicles and alert the driver to take appropriate action before reaching locations with restricted vertical clearance. The goal is to eliminate or at least minimize the occurrence of accidents and incidents caused by over-height vehicles in the state of Louisiana.

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2020 Louisiana Transportation Conference, March 2020, Baton Rouge, LA, United States.