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Fall 11-10-2018


In recent years, as a result of significant climate change, stringent windstorms are becoming more frequent than before. Given the threat that windstorms bring to people and property, wind/structural engineering research is imperative to improve the resilience of existing and new infrastructure, for community safety and assets protection. The Windstorm Impact, Science and Engineering (WISE) research program at Louisiana State University (LSU) focuses on creating new knowledge applicable to the mitigation of existing and new infrastructure, to survive and perform optimally under natural hazards. To achieve our research goals, we address two imperious challenges: (i) characterization of realistic wind forces on buildings and other types of structures; and (ii) developing advanced control theory to accelerate the optimal tuning of smart structures, with the aim of developing novel probabilistic analytical methods to address the complex behavior and inherent nonlinearity in semi-active control, for multiple hazards.