Redox-responsive delivery systems

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Stimuli-responsive systems for the transport and delivery of materials to a given location at a specific time are highly valuable in numerous applications. The characteristics of the delivery system are dictated by the requirements of a particular application, which include the nature of the stimulus for actuation of the delivery process. Electron transfer has moved to the forefront as a stimulus for responsive delivery systems, particularly for those used in drug and reagent delivery, and for analyte transportseparation avenues. Interest in redox-activated delivery of materials arises from the abundance of redox-active stimuli that can be used to make delivery occur, the often simple chemical nature of the activation process, and the ease of constructing delivery vehicles with an integrated redox-responsive trigger group. This review is focused on vesicle- and micelle-based vehicles whose contents can be delivered by a redox stimulus due to their potential to meet the needs of key applications. Copyright © 2012 by Annual Reviews. All rights reserved.

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Annual Review of Analytical Chemistry

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