Porous Cu-Cd mixed-metal-organic frameworks constructed from Cu(Pyac) 2 {Bis[3-(4-pyridyl)pentane-2,4-dionato] copper(II)}

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Porous Cu-Cd mixed-metal-organic frameworks [{Cd(NO3) 2}2-{(Cu(Pyac)2}3] (M′MOF 1) and [{CdCl2}{Cu(Pyac)2}2] (M′MOF 2) {Cu(Pyac)2 = bis[3-(4-pyridyl)pentane-2,4-dionato] copper(II)} have been synthesized by the reaction of Cu(Pyac)2 with Cd(NO 3)2 and CdCl2. They are noninterpenetrating 1D ladder and 2D square-grid frameworks, constructed from Cu(Pyac)2 building blocks with T-shaped Cd(NO3)2 nodes and square-planar CdCl2 nodes, respectively. The 1D ladders and 2D square grids are stacked in ABCABC... and ABCDEF... packings, leading to 2D interconnected channels of ca. 5.7 × 10.2 and 4.1 × 9.8 Å in 1 and 1D channels of ca. 8.0 × 8.2 Å in 2, respectively. The copper sites in these two M′MOFs are coordinated by solvent molecules and exposed to the pores.

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Inorganic Chemistry

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