Mn-induced spin glass behavior in metallic IrSnMn

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Transition metal stannides are usually semiconductors with a narrow band gap. We report experimental investigation on metallic IrSnMn(= 0 and 0.56). Single crystal x-ray diffraction refinement indicates that IrSnMncrystals form a cubic structure (space group3̄) with the lattice parameter= 9.362(4) Å for= 0 and 9.328(6) Å for= 0.56. The electrical resistivity shows metallic behavior between 2 K and 300 K withdependence at< 30 K for= 0, reflecting the Fermi-liquid ground state. While IrSnexhibits weak diamagnetism, partial substitution of Sn by Mn results in spin glass behavior in IrSnMnbelow∼ 13 K for= 0.56. Remarkably, an upturn in the resistivity is observed in= 0.56 below ∼2, suggesting strong spin fluctuation. This fluctuation is suppressed by the application of magnetic field, which is reflected in the observation of negative magnetoresistance. The unusual properties that emerge due to Mn doping are discussed.

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Journal of physics. Condensed matter : an Institute of Physics journal

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