Effect of ultrasound on the physical properties and processing of major biopolymers-a review

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Designing and developing modern techniques to facilitate the extraction and modification of functional properties of biopolymers are key motivations among researchers. As a low-cost, sustainable, non-toxic, and fast process, ultrasound has been considered a method to improve the processing of carbohydrate and protein-based biopolymers such as cellulose, chitin, starch, alginate, carrageenan, gelatine, and guar gum. A better understanding of the complex physicochemical behavior of biopolymers under ultrasonication may fortify the eminence of this technology in advanced-level applications. This review summarizes the recent advances in biopolymer processing and the effect of ultrasound on the physical properties of the selected biopolymers. A major focus will be given to the mechanisms of action and their impact on the properties and extraction. At the end, some possible suggestions are highlighted which need future investigation for amending the physical properties of biopolymers using ultrasonication.

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