Crystal structure of [N,N'-bis-(4-methyl-phen-yl)-1,2-di-phenyl-ethane-1,2-di-imine-κ(2) N,N']di-chlorido-palladium(II) methanol monosolvate

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The title compound, [PdCl2(C28H24N2)]·CH3OH, was pre-pared from the reaction of PdCl2(DMSO)2 (DMSO is di-methyl sulfoxide) and N,N'-bis-(4-methyl-phen-yl)-1,2-di-phenyl-ethane-1,2-di-imine in methanol. The chelating di-imine core of the title compound deviates slightly from planarity, with an N-C-C-N torsion angle of 5.3 (3)°. Delocalization in the di-imine core is indicated by N-C and C-C bonds that are, respectively, longer and shorter than those found in related nonchelating di-imines. The distorted square-planar coordination environment around the Pd(II) atom is manifested as bond angles that are smaller and larger than 90°, and palladacycle torsion angles of -173.22 (16) and 167.06 (16)°. These deviations are attributed to the small bite angle of 79.13 (8)° of the di-imine chelate. The crystal packing exhibits weak inter-molecular hydrogen-bonding inter-actions involving aromatic H atoms, Cl atoms and inter-calated methanol solvent mol-ecules, defining layers parallel to (010).

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Acta crystallographica. Section E, Crystallographic communications

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