Cellulose Nanofibers as a Modifier for Rheology, Curing and Mechanical Performance of Oil Well Cement

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The influence of nanocellulose on oil well cement (OWC) properties is not known in detail, despite recent advances in nanocellulose technology and its related composite materials. The effect of cellulose nanofibers (CNFs) on flow, hydration, morphology, and strength of OWC was investigated using a range of spectroscopic methods coupled with rheological modelling and strength analysis. The Vom-Berg model showed the best fitting result of the rheology data. The addition of CNFs increased the yield stress of OWC slurry and degree of hydration value of hydrated CNF-OWC composites. The flexural strength of hydrated OWC samples was increased by 20.7% at the CNF/OWC ratio of 0.04 wt%. Excessive addition of CNFs into OWC matrix had a detrimental effect on the mechanical properties of hydrated CNF-OWC composites. This phenomenon was attributed to the aggregation of CNFs as observed through coupled morphological and elemental analysis. This study demonstrates a sustainable reinforcing nano-material for use in cement-based formulations.

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Scientific reports

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