Bioremediation and pharmacological applications of gold nanoparticles synthesized from plant materials

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Nanotechnology and nanoscience are gaining remarkable attention in this era due to their distinctive properties and multi applications. Gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) is one of the most relevant metal nanoparticles with enormous applications in various field of research and industries. The demand for AuNPs is increasing rapidly. Extensive awareness has been allotted to the development of novel approaches for the synthesis of AuNPs with quality morphological properties using biological sources due to the limitations associated with the chemical and physical methods. Several factors such as contact time, temperature, pH of solution media, concentration of gold precursors and volume of plant extract influences the synthesis, characterization and applications of AuNPs. Characterization of synthesized AuNPs is important in evaluating the morphological properties of AuNPs since the morphological properties of AuNPs affect their potential use in various applications. This review highlights various methods of synthesizing AuNPs, parameters influencing the biosynthesis of AuNPs from plant extract, several techniques used for AuNPs characterization and their potential in bioremediation and biomedical applications.

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