Blends of side-chain liquid crystalline polymers at the air-water interface

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A low molecular weight compound (stearic acid) and an analogous polymer (poly(octadecylmethacrylate) (PODMA) were blended with the polymer PM4 and collapse pressure increased while mean molecular area decreased relative to PM4 alone. The stability of polymer monolayer films can be enhanced by mixing with low molecular weight and polymeric compounds of suitable structure. In the examples shown, stearic acid and PODMA mixtures with PM4 raised the collapse pressure and lowered the collapse area to a value closer to the optimum packing area in the bulk. Comparison of isobaric mean molecular areas versus concentration (below collapse) gives an indication of the type of interaction between the side chains of the polymers analyzed. As opposed to other miscibility tests for bulk polymer blends (such as DSC) this method also visualizes the extent of these interactions, whether they are favorable or unfavorable.

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American Chemical Society, Polymer Preprints, Division of Polymer Chemistry

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