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Wilson-Kennedy, Zakiya: 0000-0002-8154-8574
Winfield, Leyte: 0000-0003-3719-5895

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As undergraduate students cultivate their scientific knowledge and abilities, several high-impact educational practices such as undergraduate research and global experiences have proven exponentially beneficial for their development and success. Current literature on underrepresented racial and ethnic minorities has focused primarily on the impact of undergraduate research on this subpopulation. However, fewer studies have explored the impact of global research experiences and women of color in international research experiences. Grounded in the theoretical frameworks of Social Cognitive Career Theory, Intersectionality, and Community Cultural Wealth, this present study explored the impact of international undergraduate research experiences on women of color from groups underrepresented in chemistry. We found that, after participating in international research, women of color from historically underrepresented groups (1) were aware of the realities of being a woman and a minority in STEM, (2) had utilized a wealth of cultural capital to navigate the international research experience, (3) had recognized the value of the international research experience on their personal growth, and (4) had recognized the benefits of their international research experience on postundergraduate pursuits. The findings suggest that international research experiences contribute substantially to the holistic development of women of color in scientific disciplines such as chemistry.

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Journal Of Chemical Education