Studies of the Naproxen:β-Cyclodextrin Inclusion Complex

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The interaction of a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug, naproxen, with β-CD has been studied by several analytical techniques, including 1-D and 2-D proton NMR. fluorescence spectroscopy, and FAB-MS. The negative ion FAB-MS confirmed the existence of a 1:1 inclusion complex of naproxen and β-CD. The formation constant of the complex was determined by use of 1-D NMR and fluorescence measurement. In the 1-D NMR data, a modified Benesi-Hildebrand procedure was employed to calculate the formation constant. In order to estimate the structure of the inclusion complex, 2-D rotating-frame Overhauser enhancement spectroscopy (ROESY) NMR was used to determine the spatial interaction in this dynamic system. A spatial configuration of the complex has been proposed based on these data. © 1993 Academic Press. All rights reserved.

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Microchemical Journal

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