Combined polymerized chiral micelle and γ-cyclodextrin for chiral separation in capillary electrophoresis

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A combination of a polymerized chiral micelle, poly(sodium N-undecylenyl-d-valinate) [poly(d-SUV)] and γ-cyclodextrin (γ-CD) is used for the first time for chiral separation in capillary electrophoresis. A simple theory is presented to rationalize the synergistic effect of the enantioselectivity obtained by use of poly(d-SUV) and γ-CD in combination. A mixture of four enantiomeric pairs is successfully resolved by use of this combination. The resolutions of the enantiomers using this approach are far superior to those obtained by use of either poly(d-SUV) or γ-CD alone. In addition, the effects of the antipode (l-SUV), γ-CD concentration, buffer concentration, organic solvents, and urea concentration on the resolution are also examined. © 1995.

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Journal of Chromatography A

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