Spectroscopic studieas of water-soluble sulfonated calix[6]arene

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Fluorescence and absorption studies of water-soluble sulfonated calix[6]arene (SCX6) are reported. Water-soluble calixarenes are potentially useful as host molecules for luminophores, and studies of their spectroscopic characteristics are therefore crucial. The absorption and fluorescence spectra of these molecules in aqueous solution were collected, analyzed, and compared with 4-hydroxybenzene sulfonate at different pHs. A red shift in the absorption spectrum and a change in the fluorescence spectrum of the calixarenes are observed upon an increase in pH from 2.0 to 13.0. Some of these spectroscopic changes are attributed to intramolecular hydrogen bonding between adjacent hydroxyl groups of SCX6 after proton disassociation. The formation of excimers between phenolic groups in the calixarene molecule is proposed. In addition, inner-filter effects of SCX6 are discussed. These inner-filter effects prove to be a disadvantage for the use of SCX6 as a host molecule for complexation studies by use of fluorescence probes whose absorption spectra overlap with those of calixarenes.

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Journal of Inclusion Phenomena and Molecular Recognition in Chemistry

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