Characterization and thermodynamic studies of the interactions of two chiral polymeric surfactants with model substances: Phenylthiohydantoin amino acids

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Analytical ultracentrifugation is used for determination of the molecular weights and the sedimentation coefficients of poly(sodium undecanoyl-L-valinate) (PSUV) and poly(sodium undecanoyl-L-threoninate) (PSUT) at different temperatures. Plots of absorbance as a function of radius indicates that both PSUV and PSUT are highly monodispersed. A method for evaluating the partial specific volumes using density measurements is presented. The partial specific volumes of PSUV are slightly higher than those of PSUT. In addition, the temperature dependence of the retention factor in electrokinetic chromatography was used to estimate the enthalpy, the entropy, and the Gibbs free energy of the surfactant/analyte complexes. Five phenylthiohydantoin-DL-amino acids were separated and each enantiomeric pair was completely resolved. Comparison of the thermodynamic values obtained with PSUV vs PSUT using a van't Hoff relationship suggests that PSUT, with a less favorable free energy change (i.e., less negative A(AG)), generates a more positive entropy change, hence slightly less chiral resolution.

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Analytical Chemistry

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