Models for the Photosynthetic Reaction Center—Synthesis and Structure of Porphyrin Dimers with cis‐ and trans‐Ethene and Skewed Hydroxymethylene Bridges

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TiCl3‐induced coupling of meso‐forrnylporphyrins provides cofacial porphyrin dimers such as 1 (M  Cu, Ni) with bridging cis‐CHCH units. These compounds show strong interactions between the porphyrin rings; in the case of M  Ni, the dimer can be easily transformed into the corresponding trans isomer. Similar reactions with β‐formyl‐porphyrins lead to a third type of dimer, a skewed hydroxymethylene‐bridged bisporphyrin. These dimeric compounds are models for the photosynthetic reaction center and should facilitate studies on the influence of the dimer geometry on the photophysical properties. (Figure Presented.) Copyright © 1993 by VCH Verlagsgesellschaft mbH, Germany

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Angewandte Chemie International Edition in English

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