Characterization of a composite photocatalyst

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Low loading of TiO2 on the zeolite ZSM-5 produced a photocatalyst of high efficiency, especially with efficient light harvesting.7 Comparison of 90° pulse 29Si NMR spectra with 1H-29Si CP-MAS spectra allows measurement of - OH displaced from the zeolite surface by Si-O-Ti chemisorption. The coverage by 2.5 wt % TiO2 is 16-18% of the BET surface area. A theoretical monolayer of anatase TiO2 loaded to 2.5 wt % is calculated to cover 10%-20% of the BET surface, depending upon the orientation of the anatase unit cell. Loading TiO2 above 2.5 wt % leads to further growth of the titania phase without further -OH displacement and increase of the coverage of the surface. Energy filtered TEM shows that TiO2 growth occurs at irregularities on the ZSM-5 surface. © 2000 American Chemical Society.

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Journal of Physical Chemistry B

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