Corrigendum to “An Investigation of Early Season River Flood Pulse: Carbon Cycling in a Subtropical Estuary” [Sci. Total Environ. (2018) 867–877/635] (Science of the Total Environment (2018) 635 (867–877), (S0048969718311392), (10.1016/j.scitotenv.2018.03.379))

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© 2020 Elsevier B.V. The authors regret that there was a systematic error in the calculation of the spectroscopic indicator, spectral slope (S275). The error does not affect the trends in the S275 data upon which the discussion and conclusions of the paper were based. However, minor changes are needed to Fig. 5.iii, Table 3, and text of the manuscript and to Fig. S4-3.ii and Table S1-7 of Supplementary Information as follows. Manuscript [Figure presented] [Figure presented]. Section 4.0 (second sentence). “The general relationship of the three DOM sources (MR, northern tributaries, and LPE) can be described by characteristic differences indicated by difference in values of the lignin-like compounds' molecular weight (S275) with a trend of MR > northern tributaries > LPE and the significant (p < .05) difference in values of DOM freshness (BIX) with a trend of LPE > MR > northern tributaries and the intensity of aquatic-like sourced DOM (Fluorophore A, intensity) with a trend of northern tributaries > LPE > MR (Table 3). The mixed sites indicate an average of the DOM sources.” Supplementary Information [Figure presented] [Table presented]

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Science of the Total Environment

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