Interphases in polymer solid-contacts and nanocomposites probed by positron annihilation lifetime spectroscopy

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© Taylor & Francis Group, LLC. At polymer-solid contacts with thermoplastic polymers, the chain characteristics can deviate from the bulk on a length-scale of several nanometer in the so-called interphase. Such an interphase depends on the interaction between respective macromolecule and substrate, and affects the free volume in the polymer. Here, we review our experiments on the characterization of the free volume by positron lifetime spectroscopy at planar and curved interfaces. For Teflon AF on silicon, we identify a layer of increased density, corresponding to an interphase width of some 10 nm. PEP based nanocomposites with functionalized silica show no interphase, whereas for functionalized POSS an interphase is detected.

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Soft Materials

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